Victorian Room Box

The furnishings in the Victorian Room Box have all been made from bits and pieces that can be found almost anywhere.

The dining chair is made from a belt link with drinking straws stuffed with rolled paper for legs. Ornaments are toys painted.

This sofa is made from a pair of spectacle frames. The piano is card and the plant stand is sections from a fan.

Cupboards are card and picture frames can be buttons, belt links or anything else the right size and shape.

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Lots of space or money is not needed to indulge your longing for a dolls house. This is a simple box which is easily decorated and fitted out in the style of your choosing.

Almost anything can be made using oddments found around the house, even old spectacles can be made into a sofa back. Tiny toys from Christmas crackers can be painted for ornaments.

Real photos have been scanned and shrunk down for realism and it is quite nice to have your own family photos shown in this way.

I hope Iíve inspired you to have a go. It really is quite addictive once you get started.